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Cartridge heater


The cartridge heaters are electrical resistors of cylindrical shape. Protected by a shield of stainless steel, their heat flux or power density go up to 50 W/cm2 and the working temperature up to 800 ° C.

Generally used to heat solid as press plates and machinery, they can also be used for heating water or gas under certain conditions. Widely used in the plastics and rubber industries for the automotive, food, etc. … they are also used in chemistry, electronics, medical, packaging and nuclear industries.

Various technologies are available, the choice will depend on technical characteristics and utilization. Unless you know exactly the desired product, we will advise you the best alternative.

Existing technologies are:

High loads heating cartrouches (CCHC) for power from 0 to 50W/cm ²
Average loads heating cartrouches (CCMC) for power from 0 to 12W/cm ²
Low loads cartridge heaters (CCBC) for power from 0 to 6.5 W / cm ²
The specific load (W/cm ²) can be a factor of choice, but the dimensions and conditions of use (temperature, vibration, environment, etc …) are also a factor in technology selection.

The values ​​above are given for information, the precautions are not the same for  low or high specific charge cartridges within the same technology. See « precautions and condition of use. »

Then, for very specific applications, we have developed:

  • Double insulated cartridges for radiator and towel heater
  • Self-regulating cartridges for defrosting and evaporator
  • Bolt heaters for mechanical assembly

In order to assist you in your application or technical definition, we have developed a questionnaire which you can e-mail, fax or mail.