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Strip heaters

The nickel-chromium 80/20 heating element is isolated in a set of ceramics or mica. Used for heating plate, tank heating or streams, they can be plane, square or U-shaped. With fixing holes or notch, they can fit any type of complex shape. They can be fitted with a aluminized steel, brass or stainless steel shield, to ensure good mechanical protection and thermal distribution. 

  • The Non Shielded Mica Plates(PMNB) have a thickness of about 2mm, fit perfectly into a closed set, protected from external agents or projections. It must be mounted against a plate for optimal heat transfer. Maximum operating temperature 340° C, with a maximum load of 2W/cm².
  • The Shielded Mica Plates (PMB) have a thickness of 3.2mm and can be made ​​with a metal sheet folds compensation and clamping counter-plate with insulating plate, to facilitate heat transfer and reduce losses. Their maximum operating temperature is 450° C with a maximum load of 4W/cm ².
  • The Rigid Ceramic Dishes (PCBs) are used up to 600 ° C with a maximum load of 7W/cm². Their lifespan exceeds the PMB’s but with a lower compressive strength.
  • The Aluminium or Bronze Encapsulated dishes are shielded  elements (or shielded  heating coils) overmolded with aluminum for use up to 400 ° C or bronze up to 650 ° C.
    They meet higher thermal and mechanical requirements.
    This type of product is used when one is in a difficult environment, and when a good temperature uniformity and good mechanical protection are required for a superior lifespan than other technologies.

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