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Immersion heaters

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Immersion heaters are composed of one or more shielded  elements mounted on an attachment flange, a connector or a screw cap. Their ability to adapt and design is very broad.

The materials employed can vary greatly depending on temperature and liquid.

The combination of heating elements on the same medium offers the advantage of being able to change the single and three phase electrical connections (star or delta) and define the best compromise between performance (thermal, power, size) and price.


The immersion heaters are intended for heating liquids by natural or forced convection in tanks, water bath or heater, applied to all industries such as chemical, petrochemical, food or car, pool heating, etc. ..

A wide variety of heaters is standardized and available from stock or on very short notice.


We recommend that you contact our sales department to define from the design of your project the standard or custom product that best suits your application.