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Tubular heating elements

Tubular heating elements are used in many applications for heating of liquid, gas and solid .. They may work by conduction, convection and radiation.

Our design department is available to design from the start of your project the best item for your application.

The elements conception allows you to produce shielded  heater set tailored in size, shape, power and voltage to your needs.

We produce according to your drawings or models.


The variety of materials used in manufacturing allows the most varied applications for all types of industry and the general public:

  • Liquids: water, salted, processed, demineralized water, glycol … for tank heating, heater, bain marie …
  • Gas: Air or flammable gas … forced or natural convection … for heater, battery heater, furnace, oven, rotisserie …
  • Solid: steel, cast iron, aluminum and bronze for the molding, press plates, molds, dies …


Dans un souci de qualité, nous vérifions que l’élément proposé est compatible avec l’application, tant d’un point de vue thermique, nous optimisons les charges spécifiques sur l’élément pour une bonne diffusion de la chaleur, que d’un point de vue chimique ,nous vérifions que les matériaux employés sont compatibles avec l’application.


Our assistance in the design and production of heating application, does not release the customer « incorporator » to validate himself the design of the final product, and verify that the whole complies with current standards.

Specific charges (W / cm ²) commonly used, not to exceed :

Water : 10W/cm²                      Oil : 2.5 W/cm²
Air : 4W/cm²                          Cookinf oil : 5 à 6 W/cm²

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