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Finned heaters and tubular heaters

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There are many applications and numerous ways of heating air or gases.

The choice of the resistor will depend on the type of convection (natural or forced), the air velocity, pressure and level of operating temperature, power and space that is available.

Formed of a shielded element (or resistor), they can be fitted with fin or not, formed in the shape of a pin and fitted with multiple fitting fasteners.


AIR <100 ° C: air heating up to 100 ° C with a minimum speed of 2m/sec. perpendicular to its longitudinal axis. Avoid vertical mounting for heating or natural convection.

AIR <150 ° C: Ambient temperature> 100 ° C: In this case, choose the bare steel elements for blasted air at 2.5 W/cm², which have better corrosion resistance at these temperatures. They fit in lieu of finned elements.

AIR> 150 ° C: In the case of high ambient temperatures, it is recommended to choose items naked with a load and offset connection suitable for use. Contact us.

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