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Precautions and conditions of use

Do not use CCHC in open air.

Do not handle them with cables.

Regulation and position of the temperature probes are very important.

The assembly needs to be adapted according to the charge and the temperature between H11 and P7 (the most used is H7). But in the case of a high watts density, it will be sometimes necessary to reduce the hole fit.

Do not install too high wattages. In fact, heaters would be therefore more requested and would have a smaller lifetime.
Always use as many heaters as possible to decrease the watt density (W/cm²).

The use of thermal grease favours heat transfer. Special greases (available on stock) avoid the oxydation of the boring and therefore the increase of the hole fit during the cartridge replacement.

Take care when using grease: it must not be in contact with cables or with the ceramic head and is not a substitute for a bore that is too large.

Protect power cables from:
# bending
# high temperatures
# moisture
# grease
# materials absorption
# thermal shocks
# wear
Prevent cables from entering the cartridge housing.

The hole fit between the casing and the cartridge must be as small as possible to get a very good adjustment.
When using CCHC at high temperature or with an important thermal flow: it is necessary to use a controller with a temperature sensor very close to the heater (eg 15 mm from the CCHC).
In addition, a thermocouple integrated in the CCHC is the best solution to avoid temperature overruns and protects the heater.

In case of surrounding moisture or if you don’t use CCHC during several months: proceed by small successive heatings when you use it again.


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