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Heating solids

Heating solids can pe performed with the blow heating elements:


Cartridge heaters

Cartridge heaters are cylindrical electrical heating elements. Protected with a stainless steel sheath, their watt density can reach 50 W/cm2 and their operating temperature can go up to 800°C (1472°F).

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Coiled Heaters

Coiled heaters are small section linear heating elements that can be shaped when cold and that allow high wattage in a limited space. They can be custom shaped by us or they can be delivered in their straight form to you so that you can shape them yourself.

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Band heaters

Band heaters are designed to heat up cylindrical parts by conduction. The are used in many manufacturing processes such as the injection, extrusion and moulding processes … or other specific applications such as tank heating and they are to be found in many industries.

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Strip heaters

A nickel chromium 80/20 heating element is insulated into a mica or ceramic assembly. Used for heating up plates, tanks or draw holes of extruders, they can be flat, 90° or U bent. Fitted with mounting holes or slots, they can be adapted to all complex shapes.

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Tubular elements

Tubular elements are used in many applications for heating up liquids, gases and solids. They can be used for conduction, convection and radiation heating.

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